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Welcome to the World of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, Century old healthcare concept and is recommended by physicians for incurable or acute diseases. It’s more beyond a treatment mode, a rejuvenation therapy too. In the busy life styles, restless work schedules, mind and body get tired and become weak. Skin Diseases, Muscular Pains are some symptoms by the body to such conditions.  

Rithu, The Complete Ayurveda Healthcare Centre offers specialist treatments and clinics to such early health problems. We are framing a new concept called “Rejuvenation with ayurvedic remedies. Ayurvedic Medicines are harmless, side effect free and nontoxic.


Ayurvedic Post Delivery Treatment with traditional with Vethu Chikilsa.

Rejuvenation Treatment

Monthly Full Body Check up.

Preventive treatments to epidemic diseases.

Oil Bath and massage

Ayurvedic Healthcare Centre
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